• Tumbling Tumble Farm

    August 27, 2010

     A couple of weeks ago we put the beginning touches on our very first tumble farm. tumble-farm









    The tumble farm is an energy-friendly oyster pruning device. We spend our days working around the tide, and here we’ve put the tide to work for us. Each of the bags pictured above is filled with oyster seed and attached to a buoy. As the tide comes up, the buoys float, and the bags flip up and tumble the oysters. The fragile new growth gets broken off in the tumbling process, and in response the oyster forms a deep cup instead of growing long and skinny.

    Tumbled oysters don’t necessarily taste any better than a wild oyster, but they have a more consistant shape… they are a nugget of oyster, brimming with brine, and perfect for eating on the half shell.

    Sounds good, huh? Stay tuned for availability.

    Read our earlier post about oyster conformation here, and read MORE about our tumble farm (including a picture of it 3 years later) here.

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