• Area Dog Discovers Taste for Oysters

    March 25, 2008

    There are two types of oyster eater: those who are born loving oysters, and those who grow into the taste. For one local dog, the oyster epiphany came last Saturday at an informal campfire gathering in Lilliwaup. Since puppyhood Area Dog has lived on Hood Canal, but this was the first time he’d expressed interest in oysters.

    (Caveat: only in Lilliwaup, where the hens lay soft-boiled eggs and the lemonade springs, would it be o.k. to feed world-class shellfish to a dog.)

    Area Dog signals interest in oyster…

    Area Dog Watching

    gets ignored…

    Area Dog disappointed

    and then finds the stash.

    Area Dog Helping Himself

    Would somebody please just shuck this dog an oyster before he hurts himself?

    Area Dog with shell


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